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3 accessories every girl needs to ‘piff’ up their outfit


Jewelry are one of the only accessories that truly add that extra touch of detail to your outfit. Even though they’re small they’re still so so so important. I love a good edgy yet classic outfit and therefor i look for exactly that in jewelry as well. Jewelry needs to match the feel of your outfit and tell a bit about your personality.
These are some of my personal favorites:
The Bracelet:

All These bracelets are from Nuit Et Linette and they are to die for. Some of them are a bit pricey but if you check out the website they come in different material and with or without diamonds and therefor different prices. All these pieces are so perfectly timeless yet still edgy and that’s what i love. You don’t find a lot of jewelry brands that masters that to perfection but Nuit et Linette definitely does.
1; here, 2; here, 3; here .

The Necklace: 


I WANT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE!! I have never seen any necklaces that I just really NEED to own but these are so cool, timeless and edgy and so beautiful. These match perfect to all my outfits, my style and my personality and would be the perfect final touch.
All necklaces are from Nuit Et Linette;
1; here , 2; here, 3; here , 4; here, 5; here .


1; Ray-Ban here , 2; Erdem here , 3; Mykita + Maison Margiela here , 4; Prada here,
5; Saint Laurent here, 6; Ray-Ban here , 7; Miu Miu here , 8; Dolce & Gabbana here ,
9; Dries Van Noten here , 10; Miu Miu here , 11; Ray-Ban here , 12: Oliver Peoples here .

The perfect pair of sunglasses can do major for your whole expression. They add the attitude to you and your outfit plus they are the perfect life safer for a sweaty day at the beach or a bad day where you just wanna hide your face.
I’m a huge sunglass collecter and i have way too many.

The Bag

1; Gucci here , 2; Saint Laurent here , 3; Valentino here .
We all know how important a bag is. Not only can it hold all the shit we women carry around but it can also look oh so pretty and make us fall in love all over again.
Not only are they pretty but a good designer bag is an extremely good investment and if you take good care of it it can last a life time ( compared to the cheap ones that’s to be replaced every second year).
The bag is THE ULTIMATE KEY ITEM!!! for me; a bag picks up the entire outfit.

The items i’ve used in this post are a bit pricey, i know, but you can easily find items similar to cheaper prices. NOT that you should go out and buy a fake gucci – that is a major no go!!!- but you can find a cool bag to less money.
Another note to that whole copy/fake thing – don’t buy copies of designer things, it’s not cool and anyone who knows just a little bit about the actual design or brand can spot that it’s a fake miles away. If you don’t have the budget for a designer bag, then go find a cheaper bag like; Cala & Jade they have so many cool things but for fewer pennys.

Have a wonderfull day!

xx Fine

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