Sun, palm trees and black fringe

Summer rituals: The lemon


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Lemon is one of my favourite flavour’s in anything from ice cream to sauce and thats why im pretty lucky that lemon is so healthy and beneficial.
Every summer I use lemon to all sorts of things like:
1: I use freshly squeezed lemon juice to put in my hair before i go out in the sun. This lightens my hair ( yes this also works on brunettes) and makes it look more ’summerly’.
2: Every morning i drink a glass of hot water with lemon since it is beneficial in many ways like; boost’s your metabolism, increases weight loss, helps build your immunity since lemon contains tons of C-vitamin, reduces wrinkles, scars and helps on a smoother skin.
3: As the lemon addict I am, I put lemon on almost everything i eat simply just because it has this refreshing taste.
PLUS lemon is known as a mood booster! just the smell of a lemon is supposed to help on anxiety and depression. Just in genereal make you more sharp!

Get your lemon on!!

xx Fine

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Sun, palm trees and black fringe