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I recently started using this new series from Elvital Fibralogy (The BLUE One).
Elvital’s formulars are fine-tuned so that there’s a color vive for every type of hair with each their unique solution to any kind of hair problem or damage you might have. Almost like a tailor-made series of products, to help your hair transform into what you dream of.
These series helps you find your Hair Obsession and what the right way to treat that obsession might be.

As mentioned; i’m using the Blue color vive because my hair obsession is: Thick hair.
I used to have really thick hair but since i’ve started straightening it every single day with a straightening iron my hair has gotten really thin because some of my hair cracks off every single day.
Therefor the color vive: The Blue one is perfect for me as it creates volume and helps me get a fuller hair wash after wash.
The blue one ( or Elvital Fibralogy as it says on the package) is designed for people with thin, fine hair. It is enriched with Filloxane, which helps to make thicker and fuller hair.
Other than the blue color vive you can get the;

Golden one:
Hair obsession? Silky soft hair.
The golden one ( Elvital Extraordinary oils) is for people with dry hair, who wishes to achieve intensive care. The formula cares intensely from root to tip  and helps your hair become smoother with a more brilliant shine and incredible softness.

Pink one:
Hair obsession? Shiny hair.
The pink one ( nutria-gloss luminizer) is for people with normal and dull hair who wishes to give their hair that extra shimmer ( which will last up to 48 hours!!)

Yellow one:
Hair obsession? hardwearing hair.
The yellow one ( anti-breakage) is designed for people with dry and damaged hair. It focuses on the damaged areas to rebuild and repair the hair while making it smoother and stronger.

Red one:
Hair obsession? Haircolor.
The red one ( color vive) is perfect for people with coloured hair or highlights. It contains a UV filter that seals the hair colour, protects it and prolongs it’s shine.

Wanna find out what’s your color? Take the test here and find the color for you.

xx fine

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CK2 - #the2ofus Calvin Klein