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CK2 – #the2ofus Calvin Klein

The new CK2 scent by Calvin Klein is a unisex scent that wishes to celebrate the thrill of  life when shared. It embodies the exciting things about life and the diversity that effects a relationship between to people. To individuals who is defined by who they are and not what they are. The scent is therefor not for women nor for men, it’s for both. A unisex scent without any preconceptions opinions, made to reunite and create experience which to be shared through love+ lust, friendship + adventure, the in-between + the life-changing – to garner buzz whether it’s with your friend or lover.

I chose to share my CK2 #The2ofus moment with my boyfriend. We do everything together. Not just boyfriend/girlfriend stuff but weird, silly stuff. Stuff i would normally do with a girlfriend or sister but i’m so lucky that i get to call my best friend my boyfriend as well. Nobody knows me like him and even though we are to different people i would like to believe that he is a part of me and i’m a part of him. I know it sounds a bit odd and i can’t really explain it. Everything I do i wanna do with him. I want him to experience what i’m experiencing and i want to explore, adventure and learn everything this world has to offer with him or at least share it with him.
That’s why i chose to share the CK2 scent with him. Because together we do everything.
We wake up together

We fool around together

We go to bed together


I could honestly have made a thousand of these just because we do so many things ( and really weird things) together and i wish i could share each and every one of them with you guys.

You’ll never find the same love twice. Every single relationship is different and that is absolutely fine. In fact it’s more than fine, it’s perfect. No one should ever wish to be like any one else. This world needs individuals to put their own foot print on our planet. There will never be another one like you so embrace it and share your trueself with someone who appreciates you.
Nothing lasts forever, i don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. I guess it’s a bit of both huh?
A blessing and a curse as you may say.
So go out, explore, adventure, love, laugh and share every bit of yourself with people who deserves it.
Go find your #the2ofus moments.
xx Fine

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