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Last minute new years dress – even on sale!


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I always always always get sooo stressed out about new years eve. First of all: where am i gonna go, who will i celebrate with and the worst part – WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?!

Every single time I really need a dress, there is no dresses to be found. It’s almost like their hiding from me. But when i don’t need a dress i find several dresses but i don’t buy them cause I think to myself ” hmmm no you don’t have any occasion to wear this, don’t do it”. But i’m so over that. Lately i’ve been buying the dress because i know that there’ll come a day where i’m gonna need it plus i’m sick of the lack-of-a-dress situation.

But it’s new years eves, it happens once a year, so my personal opinion is that you should wear something a little extra and definitely something sparkly. You can wear your boring black dress every other day of the year – pleeeaasseee make this evening special and spark it up a bit. Wether it’s with a special cut out dress, sparkle and glitter or just a new color for you. The list goes on – but definitely make it different.
If you’re in a last minute situation you’re really lucky cause Nelly has 70% of a bunch of their stuff and there’s so many beautiful dresses on their website. At the top you can see some of my favorites and they’re super cheap but still don’t look like it.

My new years dress is so not like a new years dress but still something special. it’s kinda hard to explain without showing you guys, but i’m gonna keep it a secret til the 31st and then i’ll show you! One little hint: Zippers!
Hope these dresses can be  a life saver!!

xx Fine

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