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Platform sandals: Louis Vuitton, Jeans: Vintage Levis, T-shirt: Vintage Harley Davidson, Bomber: Asos, Necklaces: Nuit et linette and Chanel, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs.



Platform sandals: Louis Vuitton here, Tee: And Finally here, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs here, Bomber: Asos here, Mom Jeans: Topshop here.

xx Fine

Favorite street styler:

Patricia Manfiled



This girl is the ultimate goal between edgy, feminin and casual. She is so effortless in everything that she puts on and i’ve honestly never seen her look ‘uncool’. She’s italian and her instagram name is “patriciamanfield” and she post’s some really cool shots. Plus she has an amazing voice  – yes she has the entire package. Beautiful, cool, AND she can sing.. jealous much!
Definitly a go to for some outfit inspiration!
xx Fine

tank and denim

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Boots: Notabene, Tank: H&M, Jeans: Topshop

I really tried to find the jeans at their online shop but i couldn’t. I bought them when i was in london ( a week ago) so they probably still have them in stores. I’m so sorry i can’t give you a direct link!
xx Fine

White and light denim days

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Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti, Shorts: Zadig et Voltaire, Pullover: Drifter, Sunglasses: Illesteva, Necklaces: Nuit et linette, Bag: Chanel.



Boots: Givenchy hereShorts: Topshop herePullover: Iro here

Perfect for the colder summer days!
xx Fine

Chloé Love Story

I’ve started wearing this new Chloé Eau de Toilette called ‘Love Story’ and the name and the scent makes my mind wander away to everything and nothing. Love is a crazy word. L O V E – it makes my entire body twirl. Not only with joy but with anxiety, lust, uncertainty, the pain in your heart for missing someone so badly, butterflies, never ending smiles and i could go on..
Since the perfume is called “love story” i guess i should tell you mine..
But the truth is; i don’t have any. At least not at the moment. I’ve always been in a relationship not with the same person but i’ve always had the security of someone you call your ‘other half’. Recently, for the first time in a long time, that changed and i’m now all alone. But you’re never really alone, right? i’ll always have my friends, family, the city and long summer nights ( at least for now). I guess you’re always kinda hoping that you’ll meet someone randomly around the corner and he’ll end up being just what you wished for. But I realized that you can’t spent your life wishing nor hoping someone will appear and then all of a sudden your life becomes perfect. You need to make it perfect for you and then one day someone might fit right into your kind of perfect. And if he doesn’t then it just wasn’t for you. So many people thrive to find someone that they end up changing themselves in the hopes  of actually being what somebody else wants and needs. But never should you change yourself for someone else. Because if you loose yourself how can you ever find someone else?
Anyway, this will not be an ordinary love story with boy meets girl scenario. This will be a love story where girl meets life. Or not exactly a love story, just a letter to everything that i love and appreciate in my everyday life.

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I love places that makes me feel small – like the ocean or high up in the sky.
I fall in love with people’s passion. The way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love and the way they fill with light.
I love to never take the easy path. I can’t imagine what it would be like not knowing what it is to risk everything for what you love.
I love early mornings and late afternoons. I love the moon and the sun and how  they never fail to amaze me. I love the night skies for always making my mind wander. I love the sunrise and the sunsets for alway reminding me that there’s a beginning and end to everything and that nothing lasts forever.
I love people with hearts too big for their body.
I love deep drunk talks and long walks.
I Love that some souls radiate a light so blindingly brilliant, that just for a second they make you forget about all the darkness in this world.
I love to lose myself for a good while. Just forget and gaze into everything you ever knew.
The people i find irresistible are those whom has not lost their inner child. The qualities of openness, trust, tenderness, eagerness, enthusiasm all come from the child in us and are the source of charm. The laughter and the smile that do not calculate, the spontaneity that is not arrested. I cannot remember “adult” charm or whether it even exists.
In other words, I love people who’ll never loose their inner child.
I love long nights and endless laughs.
You see, you don’t need that special someone to be in love.
There is so many things I love and if I could i would go on forever.
There’s a new kind of love story everyday, you just have to open your eyes and your heart a little bit. Because in the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

The Chloé ‘love story’ scent is everything I describe in a bottle. Everytime I wear it or see it I get reminded of all the little joys in life that makes the perfect love story.
You can find the bottle here.
Good luck with your love story and remember; A true love story never ends.
xx Fine

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Copenhagen summer feelings


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Platform Sandals: Louis Vuitton hereShorts:  Bershka (similar here ), Belt: Cala & Jade here, Top: American Vintage ( similar here, ) Vest: Iro (similar here, )
Necklaces: Nuit et linette hereSunglasses: Dior.


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Sneakers: White Leather Vans hereTrousers: Sand Copenhagen (similar here) , Shirt: Riel Studios (similar here,) Bag: Chanel.


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Boots: Balenciaga, Shorts: Vintage Levis ( similar here ) , Pullover: Worst Behavior, Bag: Chanel.

As usual you don’t see a lot of colors on me and to be honest i don’t think that will ever change. Not even the summer season can make me wanna wear colors, i feel most comfortable and myself when i’m in neutral colors and that’s whats most important. Don’t get carried away and go all floral print and 5 different colors just because it’s summer ( unless that’s your usual style all year around.)
Stay true to yourself.
xx Fine

How to deal with the warm weather: Sheer shirts

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Sneakers: Celine, Skirt: Zara, Shirt: Helmut Lang, Sunglasses: Illesteva, Necklaces: Nuit et Linette.

I enjoy summer, it’s not my favorite season but i like it because everyone is in such a great mood, the nights are long and everything is just a little bit better and brighter. The thing i hate about summer is the fact that it is so hot at times so the only thing you can wear is Shorts and a top. And i HATE that. I love layers, leather, knit, big chunky items etc.
But we need to find a way to look cool in out clothes while we’re still able to deal with the heat. Here’s a tip: Thin, sheer shirt / blouse! It’s feminin yet edgy and young when it’s sheer.  It’s almost as if they cool you down, you can feel the breeze going right trough the fabric.
This one is from Helmut lang and it’s 3 years old so I can’t give you guys a direct link, but i’ve found some alternatives right here;


1: Stillwater here2: Navy here3: Chloe here.

xx Fine

The perfect sunday


Shorts: Vintage Levis, Belt: Cala & jade, Lace bra: Anine Bing, Top: Zara.

If you ask me sundays are all about relaxing and gathering energy for the week to come. A lot of people get’s stressed over sundays but honestly it is my favorite day. Everything is so relaxed and nobody really has to do anything other than just be present. Since my sister and I moved out of the house and in to each our apartments we’ve kinda made it a thing to hang out with our parents on sundays. This sunday the weather was amazing in copenhagen and since our parents lives right by the ocean, this was an ideal sunday plan. We didn’t really do much. Enjoyed the sun, the ocean, our family and some good sushi.
A sunday very well spent. I hope you guys had a wonderful day too and are ready to take the week with storm.

Shop my look: ( alternatives)

Shorts: Topshop hereLace Bra: Topshop hereTank Top: Rag & Bone hereBelt: Cala & Jade here.
xx Fine

Cheasy mælke is




FINALLY I got the time to sit down and have some ‘me time’. I had so much trouble sleeping last night ( that happens every single time I know i have to get up early). Therefor; i only had 4 hours of sleep. I woke up at 7 to clean my entire apartment, rushed out to get flowers to make my apartment a little fresh because at 10 o clock five people came to shoot some pictures of my apartment. A very stressfull and tired morning and then having to entertain 5 people. 5 really sweet people but it really drains you for energy. They literally just left and the first thing i did was to head straight to my freezer and grab my Cheasy milk Ice cream. Cheasy Milk ice cram comes in two flavors: Licorice & Vanilla ( my favorite) and Cappuccino & vanilla. Cheasy milk Ice cream is a creamy and soft milk based ice cream with 3,3% fat and with no added sugar. It contains maximum 97 calories pr. 100 gr. and is therefor a really good substitute for the traditional cream based ice cream.
A little advice: Leave the ice cream out for bout 15 minutes so it softens a bit and i swear it’s the best thing ever.
If you ask me, it’s important to be good to yourself and that yourself right. I love doing this by having cheat days. Just eat whatever i want simply just because I deserve it. So i guess you can call my day a #CheasyCheatDay. But still with a little good conscience since the Cheasy milk-based-ice-cream is a healthier alternative to a cream-based-ice cream.
Let me just give you 3 reasons why:
You deserve it
You need it
You want it
If you find yourself sitting and feeling your sweet tooth pop you should go check out Cheasy’s instagram account (@cheasy). I promise you won’t regret this, but i probably should warn you: you’ll start drooling.
Personally I think everyone deserves some self indulgence and i think you deserve it with some Cheasy-milk-based ice cream.
Go treat yourself!
xx Fine

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Piz Buin Protect & Cool

As you may have seen on instagram ( @josefinehj) i travel a lot. It’s either to a big city where the purpose is to shop and eat or it’s to warm places where the purpose is to tan!
I love a beautiful glowing sun kissed skin but at the same time i think there is nothing more unattractive than sun burnt skin. It’s red and it isn’t pretty, charming or anything good. So for me, a good sunscreen means everything when i know i’m gonna lay in the sun for hours and days. My all time favorite sun lotion is the Piz Buin protect & cool. First of all; it’s super easy to apply! Not greasy or thick it smoothes out really even and easy. Second; It gives your skin that sun kissed glow really fast. Which is exactly what we wish for when we lay in the burning sun suffering from the heat and sweat – but let’s face it; It’s all worth it!
Third: It smells soooo good! That smell that just reminds you of summer, beach and the ocean.
Fourth: It contains zero parabens – which is crucial for me since I have very sensitive skin!
Other than the Protect and cool ( which feels so refreshing once applied on your skin + it’s water and sweat resistant. ) Piz Buin has an amazing after sun that really takes the edge off the pain from a sun burn.
The sunscreen for the face is the most important thing for me. The skin on your face is so fragile and needs protection. Plus it’s told that if you use sunscreen on your face it will lower the risk of wrinkles when you get older. ( major plus!)

5 things you should always bring to the beach:
1: Sunglasses
2: Water
3: Something to entertain you ( a book, magazine, music etc)
4: A bathingsuit.
5: Your Piz Buin Protect & Cool

You can find all their amazing products right here or visit one of the Matas stores in Denmark.
xx Fine

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